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Reviews for "Neo-Bender SE"

The first one was too short, but this was one was a little too long. It's still much better than the original, though. I guess Matrix hype has died down over the years. Blame the Nostalgia Critic. Anyway, it's great to see this fluid animation. It really is great!

The BenderSmith(?) voice is really on par. Bender's voice isn't bad either. It was a little slow moving, though. The Pillsbury Dough Boy was funny. It was quite faithful to the movie.

damn thats fuckin hilarias


Funny xD

Very Clever

Very clever and funny but who was that little clay baker person :s ?


pick go to rendez-vous and its weird, funny and freaky. do nothing is just weird...
but pretty good but stupid, retarded, funny, freaky, weird and cool!