Reviews for "IMP, the fan1"


Yay! IMP is er weer!
Cool maar zijn er echt zoveel fan die in jouw team willen?
Want anders amai.
Ik hoop dat de 3de episode snel uit is.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

okay ^^ doe mijn best.. aflevering 23 bedoel je?Zal niet lang meer moeten duren


OMG MK is in this? WICKED! And hey these always seem to get better and H Hog is still my favourite .

RogerregoRRoger responds:

yeah MK cameod :S

I want to be a new IMP memer

LoL Santa clause is gonna smash the banana


I wish I was an Imp member


Damn it, Roger,u have a preety fucking damn creative mind over there and u spend it all on NG!? If I were you, i would sell your idea and make a TV Show or something like that and if you start drawing just a llliiiiitle better, you could even be compared to Tom Fulp or even better than him in the future, perhaps. I believe that if you keep concentrating yourself on the Flash Universe, you will have a preety fucking damn good life, just like your mind.