Reviews for "SMASH!: Reloaded"

awesome game!!!!!111!!!

i barely play quiz game but i loved this one! very addicting and i like that you can pick your own character! good job.


im not the quiz game kina guy,but this is a great game,i love the opening where u parody the super flash bros"a decline christmas"which is one of my fav flashes.

Great game

I Love it :)
Damn you are a good flasher ;)

Smoking-Chimney responds:

I'm glad you like it, and thanks :D

some ansers are wrong

this is shit so of the questons are worng like who plays shreks not cris miers but mike miers

Smoking-Chimney responds:

Um... there is no question where it says that. I believe you are mistaken with the question 'Who doesn't voice a blind mouse in Shrek?', and the answer was not Mike Myers, who did as well as providing the voice for Shrek provide a voice for a blind mouse. I do some sort of research before I make these, so usually I make the questions have the correct answers.

Pritty cool

This was a pritty cool game...but some of it confused me
xD overall greate game

Smoking-Chimney responds:

Thankyou :)