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Reviews for "The Cock Trance Chronicles"


breathtaking as i would expect :]] 5/5 and 10/10 for sure. i love your work! you should gimme some pointers and tips on how i could improve my music :D <33 ttys

Even though its so long...

Its Awesum.
I lov it.
Mostly bcuz u make tunes wich are different,
ttly different from others.

A lot of popular artists have died out..

I'm glad to see you have still got it. :)

I salute you

You don't know how proud It makes me feel when I'm listening to this song, and someone walks up to me and says "Holy OMG FUCKSHIT dude where'd you get that awesome song!" And I can look them in the eye and say with a proud grin on my face "The Newgrounds Audio Portal, BITCH!"

You win

good music, but the name doesnt make sense