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Reviews for "The Cock Trance Chronicles"


I notice those Toxic III sequences anywhere (:

Good use of them though. And I really love this song. You guys did a good job.

-Dj Archetype

cornandbeans responds:

Actually, it's z3ta :D

Thanks for the review!

I love...

your remixes... I'm most likely going to put some of you stuff into my games.. great job.. love it.


Although im no huge fan of trance I really apreciate a song that sounds as proffessionally mixed as this. Also the manipulation of the synths is great.

Good work!


i pm'd you for the HQ version but the link was dead :s (you sent it a while back but my internet has been acting up + school kept me busy so i forgot to reply -_-)
if you could send the link again i would be in your debt :)
anyway, this is an awesome collab!!!! i loved every second of it

Good fucking god.

My mind is blown.

I don't even know what to say except good job!