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Reviews for "The Cock Trance Chronicles"

Always the best!

i recently started working with FL Studio. im not too great but to know that if i try hard enough i could do all this as well as you do is a good future to look forward to. What all do you use to make musics?


i pm'd you for the HQ version but the link was dead :s (you sent it a while back but my internet has been acting up + school kept me busy so i forgot to reply -_-)
if you could send the link again i would be in your debt :)
anyway, this is an awesome collab!!!! i loved every second of it

very nice

great work, man. i like this song. it is not your best but nevertheless it's good.


Although im no huge fan of trance I really apreciate a song that sounds as proffessionally mixed as this. Also the manipulation of the synths is great.

Good work!

this is just awesome

the sound the beat love it maan It's GREAT