Reviews for "Robotic Rider of Orion"

Well it is Still Pretty GooD... :S

On first glace this looked pretty cool.
Thats mainly because your composition and colors are very nice.
But the rest is pretty sloppy, because there is no real light source your values are scattered all over the place. Theres even dark blacks in the background. Because of the its very hard to make out what is happening.. Anyway i seem to make out a horserobot on the bottom. It would be too small to support the weight that is on top of it. Also the flames in the foreground look very flat.

To improve this i'd suggest you study basic shapes, its a very easy practice to improve you shading lighting ^^

the two-face of paintings:

the lower half: the flames look dull and i cant really make out where the horse/rider starts/ends
the upper half: has a nice stary night sky and cool light coming out of the robots head

the pic looks really good at first but loses over time. the whole picture is carried by strong colors and stark contrast, especially the robot could have used more details and more definition.