Reviews for "New Bill Cosby show ep.1"

Cool clay!

I love the clay stuff. this one was just plain... what's the word i'm looking for... Funny? Random? Clay? I DUNNO!

PS - I see BUD-SELECT beer cans in the background... thats good stuff!


Wow just wow that was the exact type of comedy that i needed to melt my icey heart now i will go inject my self with pudding

OMG! Tom Cruise Is Hitler!!! :D

How Come Bill Cosby Stabbed Himself with a needle then, he started bleeding, then all of a sudden he was fine? anyway. this was funny, seeing tom cruise turn into hitler. :D and bill cosby really old and...it was just funny. I Hope Episode 2 is out. one more question...When Tom Cruise Admitted he was Homosexual. his voice changed...Sounded like Knox...Was he in it? :|

Freemont responds:

Yeah, that was definitly Knox who belived that there was a spaceship behind the moon.

You rock the world, Fremont!!!!

Dude, how do you do such good animation. You should do a "Gumby" parady, that show was crap. I am wondering about 2 things 1: What camera and sofware do you use. 2: When is "Toothpaste for Dinerr" com'in out. Please respond, Claycrusader.

Freemont responds:

I use a Logitech Quickcam, and the software that comes with it. It cost me about $40 in 1999. It's a piece of junk webcam, but it gets the job done.

Oh yeah, and Toothpaste for dinner will be out like next week or something... or whenever I feel like recording the voices for it.

extreeeeeeme bill cosby lol

that was funny when he had a gun