Reviews for "New Bill Cosby show ep.1"

you went down...

you started of the huge craze of clayanimation but this was random and really bad u gotta try to do what you did before and this is like someone else made it also.... DON"T MOCK BILL COZBY he is funny and a legened.

Didn't like it at all

Bill cosby was a funny comedian, but this was just not funny in my opinion. Usually stuff on the front page would make me laugh, but this claymation wasnt that funny. Your other ones are better, please work on your jokes.

hmm....reminds me of robot chicken

well i gave a 0 for graphics because its not flash,its claymation,but this really reminded me of robot chicken from all the random things happening.Still i thought it was a great movie

as useless as a dirty sponge

a degrading moment in my life. i should've clicked 'do not watch this movie!' because that would have been the right choice. turned off at the tom cruise part. unintelligent humor. read some more books. stay in school. use the important parts of your brain to do things in life.

Decent I suppose

It started out like you were actually trying to make something, then you just decided to put in random clips.... anyway

Graphics- I don't give give graphics grades for claymation because it doesn't involve any flash skill, just a camera and clay...0

Style- It started out normal, but then you made it really confusing with the random channel surfing or whatever the hell was going on. Either start with it, or don't have it. Don't ram it in there after the first scene...4

Sound- Pretty good sound quality...10

Violence- The weird blood squirting after a shot of pudding, and the random splitting of the head...6

Interactivity- movie... 0

Humor- The impersonation was pretty good, except he spoke way too slow. I don't know any comic or tv show that impersonates him with a slow speaking voice. That fat chick on the bike though... niiiiiiice... 5

Overall- Besides the random fat chick on the bike and the obvious pudding jokes (which are very old by the way) and the random kid getting slapped in the face, I didn't find myself even smiling throughout this claymation. Because it's suppose to be humorous, that's what my overall grade is presenting...5