Reviews for "New Bill Cosby show ep.1"

Loved It

This was absolutely disturbing, but any parody of Bill Cosby pwns.


That was crazy. And so good! How come the weird kid lets the guy take a dump on him? What does HitlerCruise say the second time? Why does Bill cosby speak like that, or inject himself with pudding? Who care, it was hilarious!

Freemont responds:

All those questions & more will be answered in-- EPISODE 2! *echo*

What was that?

That was weird. The most random part was when that kid's head split in half

OMG! Tom Cruise Is Hitler!!! :D

How Come Bill Cosby Stabbed Himself with a needle then, he started bleeding, then all of a sudden he was fine? anyway. this was funny, seeing tom cruise turn into hitler. :D and bill cosby really old and...it was just funny. I Hope Episode 2 is out. one more question...When Tom Cruise Admitted he was Homosexual. his voice changed...Sounded like Knox...Was he in it? :|

Freemont responds:

Yeah, that was definitly Knox who belived that there was a spaceship behind the moon.


If only the real cosby show was that awesome.