Reviews for "New Bill Cosby show ep.1"

fuckin amazing!!!!

this is a piece of absolute GENIOUS!!!!!!11!!!1 OMFG THIS WAS SO FUNNY. nice job on this, it was really good, as are all your animations. this was literally a nonstop laugh fest.


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good enough to get all tens

yeah i liked it. good lil random and stuff.
My fav part is were the guy just comes up and says
"I am (whatever his name was)" and it goes away.

er thats all i got to say.

You rock the world, Fremont!!!!

Dude, how do you do such good animation. You should do a "Gumby" parady, that show was crap. I am wondering about 2 things 1: What camera and sofware do you use. 2: When is "Toothpaste for Dinerr" com'in out. Please respond, Claycrusader.

Freemont responds:

I use a Logitech Quickcam, and the software that comes with it. It cost me about $40 in 1999. It's a piece of junk webcam, but it gets the job done.

Oh yeah, and Toothpaste for dinner will be out like next week or something... or whenever I feel like recording the voices for it.

Tom Cruise is Hitler!

lmfao! That was as funny as hell!