Reviews for "New Bill Cosby show ep.1"

Bill Cosby is cool but so is this.

All I can say are three simple words... this kicks ass!


here are some quick and stupid questions:

1.did bill cosby just get high on pudding?
2.y did the guys face rip in half?
3.am i a retard?
4.is tom cruise really a nazi/gay?
5.who chased the wombat?

That show was so Funny!

What's the next episode going to be about?

Cosby is Cazy!

This was random and weird but very funny!

Do you hate Bill Cosby?

Why was that one guy sh*ting on the otherguy?

Why did Bill jump in pudding?

Why did that guy turn into Hitler?

Why did Bill inject homself?

Can u answer these questions for me?

Great Movie!

Freemont responds:

In response to your questions:

- I love Bill Cosby

- I thought it was funny

- Because Bill loves pudding

- Because Tom Cruise is a Nazi

- He injected himself with pudding becasue he loves it!

I love your movies but...

wtf this was great but again wtf this was the most random thing i have ever veiwed but ya great anyways