Reviews for "New Bill Cosby show ep.1"


the animation is realy good...but it doesn't quite make sense...it could've been better....but still the claymation is cool

Clean it up

I've been watching the claymation flashes and I have to comment on this one. You are great at the claymation, but way too vulgar. What was the point of the poop? Why the swearing? There is obviously a very sick and twisted sense of what is defined as humor here.

I thought it was very good

keep up the good work I voted a 5 I bury those cockaroches
Say hello to my little friend

I thought this was no good

It was one of those movies that try to be funny, all the humor was stuff i've seen everywhere else like the part with Christepher whats-his name and the cabbage it was stupid, I know this was random stuff but when you think about it it's not really random cause stuff like that is everywhere so it's just the same old, same old nothing the great, sorry but my opinion is that you should aim on a different genre
P.S. Please don't let this discourage it nice to have people try, learn from your mistakes ;)

There's Bill Cosby and there's XTREME Bill Cosby!

This is so random, it's f***ing hilarious!!! Great movie. (i hope you don't have anything against Bill, do you?