Reviews for "New Bill Cosby show ep.1"

It was ok

You can't just keep it the Cosby Show if your gonna do more like a Robot Chicken style show... i mean come on... it may be partially based on cosby but you should change it to be more of a robot chicken thing... then theres no sense needed


It was funny, but lacking in the humor department. Substitute the songs and the Robot chicken tv effect for a laugh here and there and it would be perfect.


Dude... I really don't know what happened... it was like... suddenly the script flew out the window. But it was hilarious in the fact that it was very unpredictable and out there... and you get all my 5.


The Who own!

It didn't make me laugh quite as much as some of -knox-'s stuff, but the characters were much more detailed than his. :) The music was good. I love Led Zeppelin and The Who. The part with Tom Cruise was awesome. Keep up the good work.

OMG the Immigrant Song!

10 Points for that!