Reviews for "New Bill Cosby show ep.1"

youve gotta be kidding me...

that was terrible!!! it wasnt funny at all!!! maybe if you could tell what was going on it would make more sense!

ah cosby

the Cosby impersonation was great, but it would have been even better if there were no vulgar stuff like the poop cause that just ain't cosby. If it were more like the original humor of the cosby show then i think it would be hilarious. PUDDING! sorry, had to do that.


good job! making the video!

Just liked the theme song

The theme song for this caught my ears that and bill cosby's voice...you should make a part two

No, sorry.

it was prehestoric comedy, the animation could have been 10x better and the only parts that were funny were the parts that werent in claymation a.ka. the motorcycle and the guy who punched himself.