Reviews for "New Bill Cosby show ep.1"

it had its moments

not that bad


finally some recignition of led zepplin u used a piece of the immigrant song wen the fat person ran themeselfs over

pretty much amazing

i dunno, i liked it.
mainly because of the part with christopher watkin. that was genoius.

This is crap.

You didn't make a parody of The Bill Cosby Show, you just wrote lame comedy and put the name on it so people would like it. The clay people weren't made well, the animation was okay at best. The worst part is that you went into a Robot Chicken-type style, that was a blatant rip-off and not funny. Please don't make more, it's not worth your time.

Claymation is the shiz!!

I dont even know what shiz is but this is it. Very good and i cant wait for the next one.