Reviews for "Batman Sins 3"

I love the way the characters are portrayed, but don't you think that both Robin and Batman could be Vengeance and Obsession?

AlmightyHans responds:

if two characters share the exact same traits in a story, it's pointless to have them both.

I KNEW Batman was one of them. The picture is still pretty good, too.

3rd and possibly best.

Vengeance: This fits Dick Grayson well, since he is even more focused on vengeance than batman, if you watch the episode of batman the animated series "Robin's Reckoning" you will see that Dick really wants the people responsible for his parents murder dead, more than Batman. And that's why he became nightwing in the first place, for vengeance.

Obsession: Batman has already overcome vengeance a long time ago, now he is more obsessed with his parents than really avenging them, so that is probably why Hans put Batman up as Obsession.

Cowardice: This, I think is sticking more closely to the animated series more than Year One. Han's response to RexHondo's review pretty much sums Jim up from the animated series. A Coward.

AlmightyHans responds:

mind you, that doesn't mean Commissioner Gordon IS a coward, it's just his biggest weakness. Thats what I mean by 'sins'. If he would ever have an arch it'd be about him overcoming his weakness. What makes the batman villains villains, is that they don't overcome their weaknesses, they savor them.

Looks very 'Murican! Seriously, looks awesome.

The drawings are as good as ever, but the choices are weird. Alright, this clearly wasn't modeled after the seven deadly sins. I like the red, white, and blue. I'm pretty sure it was intended to look like that. I guess obsession does fit Batman pretty well. Is that Robin as vengeance?

I don't see how Commissioner Gordon is cowardice. He's more helpful than most supporting characters in superhero comics! That would be someone more like J. Jonah Jameson. These are still nice to look at. That's what art is all about.