Reviews for "Over There: Preview"

Seems really good

This movie had a pretty cool concept, he's rescueing a princess "over there." The clay people looked prety good, and the animation was nice, especially the card plane thing. I thought that blue wariior clay model looked pretty cool too, this seems like a good klaymation, a very good one, I gave the PREVIEW a 6!

A pity we'll never get to see the original. This looks quite impressive. I like the artwork. The title drop is weird. I mean, it's a pretty generic one. At least it works! Wasn't there already a trailer for this?

It just seems kind of pointless. It's still nice to see this stuff. The designs of the characters are pretty unique. I wish the picture was bigger. I'm more into the actual cartoon.

Not the Best...

Well I don't really see why people are getting so excited over this. I do some clay animation myself so I know how much patience and time it takes to make it so I'm not just going to bash your movie but I can't really say it's anywhere near the best I've seen. The humour is dry and the storyline is pretty pointless. The animation is pretty good considering it runs pretty smoothly. Another thing I'll give you guys is the charatcers. Props to that, they're very original. But characters and animation isn't what really makes the movie that good. I've seen somewhat badly animated movies that have great humour and a good storyline. I just suggest you fix up the humour.

This is what I think of the movie judging from the preview although I'm not one to judge until the final movie comes out. You could have something going for you two though so keep up the work.


I hate Taco-Man?


Piece of shit

This fucking sucked dude.Plus ur disgracingthe name of a badass series on FX about iraqi soldiers with The name OVer There.U guys took a while to make this idiot thing?Its stupid.Submit ur dumbass movies somewhere else New grounds is cool this movie sucks

Dustball responds:

First of all, this movie has been called Over There for 5 years, so we didn't steal any name. Secondly, this is just a preview, and no, it didn't take very long to make. Sorry you don't like it.