Reviews for "~BH~ Summer Breeze"


It's a very pretty, melodic piece. A lot of your songs have a medieval feel to them I noticed. I think the ending was actually pretty good, how it goes into one instrument at the end.

You did another great job of making the instruements sound very real, this is very professional, good job!

Blackhole12 responds:

The medieval feel thing is interesting, a couple others have noticed that too. I suppose its a limitation of the instruments I have available to me.

So either I compose hard techno or medieval music. lol :P

Thanks 8D


Friggin Amazing man. I lose my mind inside this song. The ending could be better but who cares cus i'm just gonna listen to this song like 500,000 times in a row.

I'm adding u to my favs.
Again, amazing.

Blackhole12 responds:

wow, thanks xD