Reviews for "~BH~ Summer Breeze"


i almost cried. AWESOME job

Blackhole12 responds:

thanks :D

I love it.

It could go along with something of a montage. Very good.


Blackhole12 responds:

Thanks, and thanks for using it in your flash :D

Simply beautiful... T_T

As i said on DA, it's a really beautiful song. Makes me feel almost sad but in a very nice and warm way. Something like a melancholy feeling with a touch of happiness, much of an hybrid feeling. 10/10

Blackhole12 responds:

Thanks again :D


this is worth the 5's

Blackhole12 responds:

xD thanks, the contest was really fun :D


Your songs just get better and better, and this is proof. All the instruments were chosen correctly to fit in with the name, and the percussion flowed very well with the feel of the song. Piano made it feel a little medievalish though, like cleavethedragon said, but who cares. Medieval rocks when you make it :P. Some sound effects would be cool, like a sound of a breeze taking over some transitions in the song. As for the instruments, apart from the piano being medievalish, the flute had great notes, and the strings gave a nice touch to the song. Ending was a little off. Try ending it with some slow flute and strings or something. Anyway, all in all, the song rocks, keep it up :).
Darn, I still can't find a song of yours which I won't give 5/5 in :(.

Blackhole12 responds:

Another 5/5 review, darn :P

I like the ending, I don't know why everyone else doesn't...

Thanks 8D