Reviews for "Raikoh - MooHaHa (dubstep"


This is the sweetist sounding thing i've heard in a while
Thanks a lot for the amazing piece of musical genius =D

Flamingweeny responds:

ego +10

^^ thank allot dude

friggin amazing

the song made me wanna do my own diabolical laugh, good shit man

Flamingweeny responds:

awesome :3

wicked good

dude I went to the future sound of brakes show in Miami during Ultra and this shit is better than most of the dubstep I heard at that show. You rock my socks off dude, keep on that shit! 4:07 AHHHH, GREAT SHIT!

Flamingweeny responds:

sweeeet :D thanks lady


some fuckin wicked shit man, this track's awesome. I gotta love that filth bass and all!
Just 100% pure wickedness

favved and downloaded

Check my page , for some dubstep attempts ;)

i just shit bricks

this needs to go to the hospital cuz it SICK!!! AS FUCK

Flamingweeny responds:

hahah :D