Reviews for "Raikoh - MooHaHa (dubstep"

Oh man this song would be awesome for a rampage

I'd love a demented stick fight animation where stickfigure goes NUTS in Grand Theft Auto and spawns a tank and uses the flying tank cheat,then aims the turret backwards and goes on a flying rampage with a friggin tank! I can just picture it it as I listen. EVIL VERSION OF AWESOME FACE: MHUHUHUHAHAHAHAHAAA

Your song + my ears= your new audio worshipper

Flamingweeny responds:



This is the sweetist sounding thing i've heard in a while
Thanks a lot for the amazing piece of musical genius =D

Flamingweeny responds:

ego +10

^^ thank allot dude


im used to faster stuff but this is hot

Flamingweeny responds:

this is like 145 bpm zomg or 72 bpm or 36 bpm OR...290 BPM is that fast enough :P

but i thank you very much

Total awesomeness!!!

ill be sure to listen to this song a couple o' hundreds o' times!

i really liked the moohaha..

Flamingweeny responds:

MooHAHAHA...then my plan has worked :D

Very nice

Great song man. Loved it to bits, seriously. Love your stuff.
Kinkreet was referring to " www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9DYSco4JPo&f mt=18 " by the way. Probably, since you've also used a laugh.
Anyway, keep this up, and I'll be sure to check you're profile for updates!


Flamingweeny responds:

aaaah oke :D now i get SMF but thats hardstyle ^^...and thanks for the nice review ^^ glad you liked it