Reviews for "Raikoh - MooHaHa (dubstep"

OMG! Awesome just mouth shuting awesome!

LOve it just like mama use to sing! LOL Awesome job Raiko keep it up!

Flamingweeny responds:

aaah then your mom could sing diabolically sweet :3


I like how it's got some electro elements to it as well as heavy dubstep. Also I almost died laughing the first time I heard he muhuhahahaha. keep cranking out these killer beats, man!!

Flamingweeny responds:

oooh hellz yeah


the perfect balance of funky VS dark. and as karttibone mentioned before me, that hand-organ sound pretty much makes the song. it kinda makes me think of a twisted circus from hell, coupled with the laughs and screams. well done.

Flamingweeny responds:

i thank you for the big compliment

Yup I'm diggin deeper

Loved the hand organ sound part and most of all the all-sawing bass.
Thank you for this masterpiece.

Flamingweeny responds:

aaah that's sweeet :3

its ok

its nice but whats with the mohahahaha evry 7 seconds

Flamingweeny responds:

it's pure evil