Reviews for "Raikoh - MooHaHa (dubstep"


but the laugh is a bit overused

Flamingweeny responds:

you can never MOOHAHA enough

i like it

not as good as it seems though what its missing is the excitment given off from drum and bass,sure the laugh was epic but im afraid it was overused but after 1:42 it was calm and good but then this woman repaets something and a guy screams....hmm.....then accordian.i like accordion sangs if they have what this does but still as i siad very repetive song.........in a good way more or less..i look forward to your future projects no matter what

good job :)

Flamingweeny responds:

cheers mate

oh my god.....

brilliant fucking dubstep.
i love it.


WHERE IS THE 11 BUTTON!! WHERE IS IT??! i need to find it asap!! in the meantime 10\10 5\5


The MUAHAHA killed me when it became sissy haha... XD