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Reviews for "Peril: Distant Star"

Nice work!

This sounds pretty great, pro sounds.
Except the experiment part is a bit off sometimes IMO!!!

But i do really like the snare sound.
Also your sounds seem very pro'ish !!!

U got my 5! 8/10!

mr-jazzman responds:

nice lol. thanks for the review, i just wish i knew what you meant by "off" lol =P.


its a pretty good song dood im not going to lie i like how technical it is very unique very creative good job

mr-jazzman responds:

thanks man. and btw, i didn't mean to be so harsh on your song; i just don't like it when people whine. but, you know, i totally understand. it really DOES suck when someone votes your shit low with no justification. especially from people who don't know shit about music production, ya know? and that kid who gave you a 1 isn't the only one like that out here; there's like a billion of em out there, trying to get their stupid shit to the top when it just can't come close to anything else! it's the biggest goddamn uphill struggle there is, and i guess the only thing it takes is a little bit of patience (i dunno how many times this song was voted off the top by 1 or 2 stupid kids who were jealous.) yeah, 0-voting just makes no sense to me...unless it's a stolen song, or it's just a complete piece of shit. and that's rare to come across. i guess the only advice i can give you is what i told you already. just be explicit and you won't open yourself up to direct targeting. (lol just look at some of my older stuff vs my newer stuff; i've tried to avoid labeling it as a "preview" unless i want comments, in which case i label it "feedback.") it really sucks, but part of the game is being explicit i suppose =P

Very Cool.

I'll be the first to say Drum and Bass is not my most-listened-to genre of all time, but that was pretty enjoyable to listen to.
The structure is spot-on-solid, so you don't get thrown off at all by the changes of instruments. I've only been on the site a day and I know this does not equate to how utterly random NG songs can get, by any means. The transitions worked really well.
I like the instruments (the piano melody especially) and synths you used; nothing gets too piercing and nothing important gets drowned out by other things. It is a very good-quality piece, in terms of sound and everything otherwise. Good job!

mr-jazzman responds:

thank you sir =) you might only have used the site for a day, but i can tell you're a mature listener. thank you for your input, and i look forward to anything you produce!

P.S. I love the piano too =)

Very good.

Enjoyed this quite well, I like the style. Reminds me of some of my best work. Stuff you can listen to over and over all my 5's and stars are belong to this

mr-jazzman responds:

haha and all my thanks r belong to you =P

I like it.

Groovy. Like the changes and nothings too harsh. The melodies are sweet as well. Very well composed.

mr-jazzman responds:

Thank you. Nice to see the first person already review and say they liked it before jealous people and 0-bombers crash it to "The Majestic Kingdom of 3.6/5." I might get 2 or 3 more people before that happens though lol.

I lied. It didn't hit 3.6. It hit 4 lol