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Reviews for "Peril: Distant Star"


nice song man its awesome ! 10/10

mr-jazzman responds:

Glad you liked man, it's one of those that i consider my best!


YEYNESS! butttttttttt.....missing the bass part of DnB. still FULL SCORES!

P.S. Im going to turn up the bass =P

mr-jazzman responds:

Ay, are you sure there isn't ANY bass? I mean, I had to turn it down a little bit for the mix, but none? This is madness... lol. Go ahead, blast the shit outta your subwoofer; that's what it's made for! ;)

Thx for the review though man!

Perfectly breaks up the monotony of the typical,..

Perfectly breaks up the monotony of the typical synthy songs I hear on Newgrounds. The technicality of this song sets it apart. I don't usually care enough about songs here to write a review, but this song is a masterpeice. Much respect to you.

mr-jazzman responds:

Thank you sir. that's really good to hear =) I'm very glad you liked it. keep listening in the future for new stuff! =)

definite improvement

Oh man, I wish I posted a billion words about this one instead! I feel a bit silly now.

Mix is much nicer, again some parts that clip but that's down to just going through each channel and making sure there isn't any straight digital distortion happening anywhere in the signal chain ;)

mr-jazzman responds:

hey man thanks again for everything you've helped me with. i feel like my sound has improved so much because of your recommendations; i don't think i can thank you enough! =)

Goog job gonna be nice and give u a 5/5

I have alot of voting power so call it your lucky day...lol!!!!

mr-jazzman responds:

hey man, thanks for pushing my song to the #9 slot before jealous/critical people voted it lower! =) i'll keep an eye out for your stuff too =)