Reviews for "Little Fighter Alpha Ch.8"


Aiya wad a long wait. Quite worth it though. I nearly lost faith in you guys after waiting for MONTHS AND MONTHS. i hope chapter 9 comes out soon. Please dun make us wait as long as we did for this one...

What?!?!?!Sooooo good!!!!

Kewl story its like all the characters are seperated from evil or good theres also Deep whos with neither of the 2 teams.
This rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Little fighter for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!=)


i love this series =0

graphic: 5 - well, those are sprites, not your own drawings >.>;;
style: 10 - holy hell! this.... i cant even describe how awesome this
series is. one problem though, you should have made up
normal names becuase RUDOLF is a name for... a farmer,
not a ninja. lol
sound: 10 - the music.... the music.... T-T
my ears had an orgasm... XD
violence: 3 - well, this is sprite violence. not something special
intercativity: 1 - play, rewind buttons. not something out of the
humor: 0 - it wasn't very funny but it was good.
overall: 10 - awesome series. keep up the good work *pats on


You just did something thats neraly impossible:
Make fight scenes good without DBZ influence, I honestly can't see why so many people do use DBZ. So bottom line great story, great fights, but most of all great series.

MaxR responds:

Thank you! Though I do think there are some DBZ influence here and there throughout the series!

uhhh i give 10 nice music menu

hey that url says:File NOT FOUNDS!!!
and make 9th part please

MaxR responds:

sorry for the wrong link, here it is: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/449166
And ch.10 and 11 is out as well :)
You can see all the chapters of the series here: http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/littlefighteralpha