Reviews for "Little Fighter Alpha Ch.8"

love the lf2.net game, this was great

i love how you did all this, i did the same thing but with firzen (freeze + firen). this was really good, keep it up.

MaxR responds:


Great sprite movie

Vwery very good job, and the fight scenes were awesome

MaxR responds:

thanks, that's one of my strongpoints in my movies.


That was probably the best chapter in the series, however, the shortest. The graphics were eminent and the FBFs were nicely shown-off and executed. All in all, this is an outstanding installment in the series. Can't wait for chapter 9....

MaxR responds:

It may seem the shortest, but it has the longest fights. I can't wait to start on Ch.9 too


Thank for that. I love this game. It´s cool.


I love this Game Show and every thing!!!!!!!!!
teatch me ur power of making movies i dont even no how to make 1 my self :( dennis and woody freeze and that fire dude are my fav in the game