Reviews for "Little Fighter Alpha Ch.8"


are some of the attacks from lf2 reinforced? cuz ive neva seen the icicle drop b4.


Yea,this series is awesome.My favourite so far!Also i can't wait till you make Ch.9 is done,any estimates yet?Well i hope it is done soon.

Nice work so far.

This series have been made very well, i'm eager to see chapter 9!

Lil fiter

I had the game,Its very cool..but i dont minded tht louisex is evil...and bat is good and i know who is tht black guy..he is the emperoe or king of the the red eyed shadows...i couldnt deafeat him in the game.....in is powerfull!Good luck making chp. 9!lets see how you will do it

It's unbelievable good for that graphics!

I hope that chapter 9 will be released soon!!!