Reviews for "Little Fighter Alpha Ch.8"

Great Work!

what is the last chapter of this little fighter 2 alpha? I like these videos , 10 stars!!!
And is chapter 10 coming out tomorrow? lol

MaxR responds:

Ch. 12 is the last chapter, and I'm not sure yet when Ch. 10 is coming out.

about ch10

when chapter 9 was 'back in progress' you put some pictures on ur website.
can you put some pics of c10 and say how much % is done? i'll really appreceate that ^^

MaxR responds:

Sure, I'll post some update on Ch. 10 soon.


Deep is good person or bad person?

MaxR responds:

lol you can say both.


Brill good animation loved the ice cant w8 till Ch.10

MaxR responds:

Thanks!! I can't wait for Ch. 10 too!


the fight was epic. it was a great episode, and the best fight.
i'm getting to like the serie more and more.
great you guys and keep on it.

MaxR responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy this series so far!