Reviews for "Little Fighter Alpha Ch.8"


I'll say this for you. YOU RAWK MAN! YOU RAWK!

oh yea one thing. please do make some 'matrix style' fighting next time!

Good fighting and OK story, but....

The main characters you chose are the worst (except Rudolf) and Firzen the main evil person is terrible you probably do kno that Freeze and Firen form into him... if you've played the game. Julian should've been the evil guy and Justin henchmen. those are biggest flaws


this is great except for the fighting parts as Zooloo-sumthing-sumthing said it's pretty weird how they suddenly get so powerfull when their numbers drop but it's still great.

Not bad.

The series is ok even though the fight scenes are kind of messed up (they are 5 on freeze and cant even touch him but when Dennis and Davis are alone against him, they hurt him). This isn't as messed up as ep.7, however, where Bat can't beat one armoured knight but when he is in the middle of the battle after the monks arrive he is able to defeat 5 or 6 of them in 2 seconds.

The main problem with this series is the time it's taking you to make them.

Your series is bearly better in terms of quality that TTA (sprite series), yet Kirbopher15, the author, has made over 50 eps. of TTA since last August. You have only managed 3.

It Was Good, But...

Hell, it would have been great if there were voice overs. You add them, then maybe you would have a really kick ass show on your hands there. Other then that, great job. It felt like an RPG game...like you were playing it or something. Nice work.