Reviews for "Little Fighter Alpha Ch.8"


i watched all the chapters , and .... great story, awesome action , great stripes ... i mean this is awesome , finally a great story line ..... keep up with the good work :)

MaxR responds:

Thank you!!

nice story line

watched it all the way. but why does firzen and julian have to be evil. they're cool.
any way.. that was AWESOME

MaxR responds:

Haha Firzen I understand, but Julian?? He just looks like an evil dude!


Dual ice sword? that's right can you tell marti to update that into a games? (freeze with 2 ice sword) how could you think of that cool (and i like freeze too you could make some animation which freeze and firen fight along side (no davis guy))

MaxR responds:

Haha, I think it would be awesome to be in the game too. Perhaps someone has already made it in one of the many LF2 mod versions? ;)

The best

For me it was the best chapter of LF alpha series, because there were Freeze, my favourite character. Fight was awesome ;]
We're waiting for chapter 10. It's a pity that serie will end in 12 chapters ;(

MaxR responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like this chapter! This was one of my favorite fights as well (most complicated too). I know it's sad that it ends in Ch12, but it's the end for this series at least. Btw, Ch.10 and now Ch.11 is out now! One more chapter to go...


Didn't expect Deep to come save the day, and I am impressed at the amount of detail you put (such as dennis's energy ball that seeks onto people, or his awesome kick combo) not in just the moves, but how they are in the game, I would like to see Davis do a super rapid fire energy ball attack cause I know he can :D

MaxR responds:

Yeah, I do try implementing the game's moves into my series. I'm glad you noticed it. Thank you for your review.