Reviews for "Little Fighter Alpha Ch.8"


Hello :)
I like

PS: When will you make the next part?
My friend would LOVE to see it.
He says.


please answer :P

MaxR responds:

I'm glad you enjoy this :)
Ch10 and now Ch11 is out now!


You just did something thats neraly impossible:
Make fight scenes good without DBZ influence, I honestly can't see why so many people do use DBZ. So bottom line great story, great fights, but most of all great series.

MaxR responds:

Thank you! Though I do think there are some DBZ influence here and there throughout the series!


Jan should heal Bat. anyways great flash.

(and to the person bellow me: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING!?!

MaxR responds:

Haha good idea! ;)
To the person below me's comment I did google translate and could understand what he was saying :)

Legal demais

I am from Brazil, esse filme é muito legal, eu tenho o jogo também, vou fazer animações, portanto eles serão em vídeos...

Esse jogo é muito legal, eu pretendo criar animações dele, mas não sei se tenho a autorização...


MaxR responds:

Thank you! I hope to see some of your animations one day! You don't have to have permissions to make animations like this for fun :)

These are awesome!

But shit short

MaxR responds:

Thank you! I didn't make it so long so that you can watch the series as a whole!