Reviews for "Little Fighter Alpha Ch.8"

awsome awsome awsome

this is the best flash i have ever seriously seen! i would doubt anyone hates this!!!!!!!!!

i like lf2 and you made little fighters alpha, where did you come up with it?? omg this is the best!!!!!!!!

i luv da little fighter alpha series!!=D

ok..i relly luv ur wrk,but wen will chapter 9 come out?i've been waitn fr like 8 months!!!i watched dis on may 2006 relly......but eventually i had to let wut i had in me out.plz tell me we ur finished!!

P.S.i saw ur site,haven't changed since april 2006=(


i love this series =0

graphic: 5 - well, those are sprites, not your own drawings >.>;;
style: 10 - holy hell! this.... i cant even describe how awesome this
series is. one problem though, you should have made up
normal names becuase RUDOLF is a name for... a farmer,
not a ninja. lol
sound: 10 - the music.... the music.... T-T
my ears had an orgasm... XD
violence: 3 - well, this is sprite violence. not something special
intercativity: 1 - play, rewind buttons. not something out of the
humor: 0 - it wasn't very funny but it was good.
overall: 10 - awesome series. keep up the good work *pats on

Yay for LF2! This is awesome.

I love Little Fighter 2, I even changed the sprites into clocks! I found out last night about LFA, so I spent almost the whole night looking at it. Could Justin be a very powerful ghost of bat, or is there many of him fighting fo Firzen's army? If I drew flash, I'd do LF2 Stage, only with a proper storyline to it.

U r rate awesomes and rate cool.


I like your movies and your game. Good job