Reviews for "Little Fighter Alpha Ch.8"

True Greatness!

Dude your series is great. I never seen such a smooth movie like that. Your going places kid... uh maybe just the web. Thx for the movie.

This series is great

I really enjoy it. I just can't wait to watch chapter 9. :)

I want number 9!!!!!

This is an awsome series, so plz hurry up and make number 9

please continue!

i really want to see the series to the end! LFA chapter 9 would be really apreciated by many newgrounds members! i love this series (as ive said in almost all the previous reviews) and i really want to see the entire thing pleeeeeeease ill make my movie a dedication to you if you make the series complete! pleeeeeeeeeeease!

0.0 When and Why Not?

OMG! Tell me when LF Alpha ch. 9 is coming!~
You should actually produce this series... As in, Sell Copies to those who wnt to keep a movie file, if you know what I mean.