Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country 1½"

you need to work on your animation.

Ah I remember this old gem!

Hahaha I got to say this aged surprisingly well too. I love thee animations and the in jokes about the Balloon in DK's house and the BARRAL cheat was kinda funny in a way. Also noted the voice actors were some of my favorites especially Joanime. Sigh I really do miss her you know I heard she disappeared for some odd reason but ah well that's another story.

Great work!


There really IS a DKC1 1/2 game out now! Well technically it's DKC4 but since it has Donkey and Diddy and it starts in DK's Treehouse I call it 1 1/2 cuz that was in the original KTHXBAI.

Decent Kong Parody

It's decent, but the jokes are just kinda tasteless to me. I guess it's funny, with the mention of Rare's loss of good original due to Microsoft's gaming empire. And Hobochimp: the cliff was not the blimp, the blimp landed on top of a mountain. Pay more attention instead of trying to get more blam points, god.


Why the hell is there a cliff on a blimp....