Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country 1½"


That was funny! I loved the graphics at all! Keep going!


I really enjoyed it! It was really great.

I didnt like it

Crud Cakes. Your jokes sucked, man.


i cant believe that dk's diidy bro i thought he was diddy's father anyway the combats funny so i'll put 10 for all go cranky u should check the bloopers man(watch the whole including credits)

Overall it was good at everything.

I really enjoyed the clip I do not enjoy every clip as much as this you know and I really liked the graphics and it had some good violence and its style was also very good the humor was just great! The music was real good, and the interactivity was also really good but my altime favorite for it was propebly the humor because it was just so damn funny so if you wondering why I gave it a ten well this is my reason.