Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country 1½"

Poor K.Rool

Banjo Kazooie are in fact still owned by rare, unfortunately. So Microsoft gets one of the better platformer franchises...
Good cartoon. Some stiff animation, but funny dialogue.

pretty good

the characters looked a little stiff though i dont know why people recommened (from the Take On me Collab)this instead of one of ur other flashes too


u rock man, this is an awesome flash, dkc rules!!!!!!!

not bad

pretty good but the action parts were too slow

good, but not enough.......

get rid of bill gates first off, DKC was on the SNES and Microsoft did not have xbox around that time. secondly, if your going to put in future references of DK characters at least put up one on brawl at least.

ether way not half bad but not that good.