Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country 1½"


Only problem is Banjo-Kazooie was never owned by Nintendo... It is possible for them to make new BK games for the xbox... not like they will anyway! :D

Amen to you!

Gotta say, that's MY kind of flash... being the Donkey Kong (and Rare) fan I am. And if there is something I really like to see around here is a parody of/tribute to Rare's work. Because as you seem to have implied it in the movie, Rare will never be the same again (thank you very much, Mr. Gates :P), and we will never again be able to live a Donkey Kong adventure the way they used to be. Thus, am I the kind of guy that lives in the past? Perhaps. And this type of work makes me feel the sweet nostalgy of times where I could innocently await Rare's next DK masterpiece.

Now, on to the real review. Well, what's even more pleasing over the fact that the movie is based on DK universe, is the fact that it's a pretty dang good one. The scenario's well balanced, and presents the story in a well-timed way. The animation, even though it could have been worked on a little more, is way better than the average NG submission. The soundtrack is fantastic, and the voices could almost be the character's official voices (except for K. Rool, whose voice is definitely deeper in DK64...). The humor was, to me, just fine, being like Rare's style: a few subtle tricks throughout the storyline to make people laugh, without being the foundation for the whole story. All in all, everything feels so authentic (the colors, the atmosphere, the storyline), that your movie deserves all the honors it's getting... and will have a special place in my heart, and probably in many other die hard DK fans' out there too.

Now, I wonder if someone will ever dare do this kind of animation where characters from several Rare games would meet... wouldn't that be nice?

This was nothing but a well done flash.

It was easy to tell who everyone was, thats good. Some of the voices were kinda annoying to me and i am sure to a lot of others. They could be heard perfectly though. The DDR scene i liked but it was strange how they did it. i mean like no tv or anything? so how do u know who won? and how did King fall off the edge? All you really need to work on is the humor and the movements (mostly during the fighting scene) And for the people who diss this i have to say, I WOULD LIKE YOU TO SEE YOU TO DO BETTER!!! oh and the code thing was funny too.

well it was decent, not the greatest ever

The DDR thing was kinda strange, and the ending. but overall not too bad.

It was Ok

It's OK but Nothing special