Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country 1½"

It's Rather Funny

Humorous, you know. I would give it like, an eight or something, but since we're dealing w/ DKC, I bumped it up to 10. Lots of side humor... a perfect amount. ...haha


thats soo awesome btw in the part where the kongs fall from the motor bike theres something carved on a tree :mew was here

Captures the Dk series Perfectly!

WHY DID RARE HAVE TO GOOOOOOOOO???? *cries* Well, at least Paon hasn't COMPLETLEY screwed us over yet...

Anyway, this flash was hilarious. The voices were spot-on, except for Dixie's. Her voice made my ears implode.

Favorite Part:
K. Rool - "...and I will ruin all sequels to come!"
Rare/Microsoft Employee - "*snort* Yep, that's our job! *snort**snert*"


The funniest part was when the bird crapped on King K. Rool! I also noticed one thing about this video that is true! King K. Rool is appearing in a Mario Sports title for the first time! Mario Super Sluggers!

But were will i go?

LOL i like this flash best flash everr!