Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country 1½"

one of my favorites

that was sweet man. DK KICKS ASS!!!!!!!

One of my favorites

That was too awesome! The fight scenes were my favorite part. Cranky pwn3d, the music was cool, and it had Donkey Kong and more importantly BILL GATES! Nice flash

Good one!

Man thats really good. Thats proabably what could happen. Awesome!!!
Keep up the good work.

Obviously a DK fan

This was really funny. Really well done. My only critisism is that Candy needs to be more refined and do more (what I don't know). Everyone should check out the extra's.

This was cool

This was an awesome submission because the voices are great and it is very funny.The graphics were good also. It didn't have much violence but it did have a little bit. The animation in this submission was also excellent in my opinion as well. This was a kick ass entry overall. The only thing is that it could have used a tad more violence. Then this would have been an ultimate submission.