Reviews for "Ghouls 'N Ghosts 2 (VGDC)"


Super Ghouls N Ghosts was my favorite game on SNES!!! Great Job!

i love the weapon!

lollollollol!the weapon is an electric dildo thats hilarius

Normally, I don't prefer scat humor...

....but this actually had me laughing my head off! he beginning started off so action-packed and off tha hook, but the ending came as an unexpected surprise! LOL! Poor Arthur! Well, you've created yet another kickass-terpiece and I never get tired of 'em! "Super Ghouls and Ghosts" is one of my favorite Capcom games of all time (next to "Megaman" and "Resident Evil") and it was nice to reflect back on that good ol' retro experience from my younger days playing my SNES in the early 90s! GOOD JOB! :)

ooooh yeah

now this is some funny sheet ^^:D


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