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Reviews for "Ghouls 'N Ghosts 2 (VGDC)"

I was wondering why you needed a foghorn sound...

Hey, Randy! I saw your topic on your forum that you wanted a foghorn sound, and I wondered, "Why does he need a foghorn sound?" Well, now I know! XD Good job! Never played this game, but I have heard of it... you are awesome at this kind of stuff! I'm not so great... XD Keep this up!!!


good stuff

good stuff i laughed on the inside worth watching. keep it up.

It seems you have no alternative humor.

About every late flash of yours has to do something with shit, farts, or Genesis, and I don't see anything funny in Genesis other than the $200 label. And $70 for a game? Todays games are only $50, and they're cheap.

Good work, though. And the ass picture should've been pixelated, since we have to relive our PIXELATED past.


great vid!

Good work

I didnt see that coming lol.