Reviews for "Ghouls 'N Ghosts 2 (VGDC)"

Yay! Poo Poo Jokes!

That was great, graphics and animation were flawless.
YEAH! We want more poo and fart movies!!

XD Cool Clip.

Ah, I remember this Times, playin´ this Game for Hours and Hours.
Thanks for this Clip, it remembered me about this ****** last Mission, i NEVER made! Nja!

cool moive

wtf i saw the exclusive video on the website i just want to say whats the fucking point of that it wasent even funny its so fucking retared man you should of just stayed with the orginal


that was funny.Action packed a the first,and funny at the end.Well balanced.

Even better then it was back then

With Arthur getting his comeback in a PSP game and Marvel Vs.Capcom 3 I checked this game out and remembered you made a parody of this game checked back and I still love it more then ever! I love the small details you put in (Like the flies on the dead corpse) and the sprite edits still look good even for today.

Hope you come back soon Randy!