Reviews for "Ghouls 'N Ghosts 2 (VGDC)"

That was very funny

Randy never makes a flash that doesn't make me laugh. That end joke was unexpecting. Nice work with the sprites to.


I always woundered why the guy just ran around in his boxers for no reason. I love the fact that the other boss comes back just to laugh at him.


i thought the crappin the pants gag was the joke but apparently not. whatever..


LOVED IT!!! Even saw the other 1 with the dildo sword or i thought thats wahat it was... still dont get the joke tho... i truly thought he shit him self... lol maybe make a Behind the Scenes thign to explain what he really did..


Please explane the joke...I'm missing it. It has to deal with sex...that's my best guess. Other then that...I have no god damn idea. So help me out and PLEASE EXPLANE!!! Thank you.