Reviews for "Ghouls 'N Ghosts 2 (VGDC)"

just keeps getting better and better

keep it up! your'e doing excellent!

Oh, the times

I remember this game from when I was 6, I always lost my armor to the fist bad guy, and then died. And those bastards came out of the ground like "eraeraerarararara" and then...game over. I never beat the first screen.

you are a flash god :P

randy solem is always showing up the competition when it comes to flash... every flash movie i have watched from him has been golden and is worth the wait when he makes them... i always enjoy his work.. so congrats on makin another great one :)

You've done it again Randy!

A pretty fun idea that (like we say in Mexico) "Rajita de canela" (Cinammon stripe).

I couldn't help but laughing when I heard those monsters chuckling!

Good job,once again

When i was going to watch this i thought that this got to be Randy Solem's movie,and it sure was.No one else can't make as good sprite movies as you can.I've watched almost every movie of yours,and i must admit that you're an excellent sprite movie maker.