Reviews for "Ghouls 'N Ghosts 2 (VGDC)"

Just like it's predecessor, this video is also short but still funny!

Is that something Randy actually drew? It didn't seem that bad. Well, it was kind of gross to see that. Anyway, I really did like the action in this one. I think it would have worked better as a straight up action cartoon. The sword play was great.

I wish it could have been longer. Well, this was a quickie! Isn't that something dirty? Well, it is here. The sprite work was quite nice.


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Even better then it was back then

With Arthur getting his comeback in a PSP game and Marvel Vs.Capcom 3 I checked this game out and remembered you made a parody of this game checked back and I still love it more then ever! I love the small details you put in (Like the flies on the dead corpse) and the sprite edits still look good even for today.

Hope you come back soon Randy!


Alright. As gross as it was, the ass shot was quite well drawn. These entries are just too short to comment much on, and aren't really that strong as standalone entries. If several were spliced together at a time, I think it would be better. A nice collection of 3/4 entries with a good menu to select between them.