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Reviews for "Atrophy 315"


This is interesting..The low strings especially seems to add to the somber mood that characterizes this piece. Another distinct quality I find in this piece is how the high strings seems to be almost on a separate plane from the rest of the music. I would prefer it to be louder than the lower strings so it can emerge more clearly, but I like how the line writing almost sounds separate from the rest of the strings.

Animith responds:

Thank you for your review; and the comment about the high strings! To be honest, I'd written out a vast majority of the other three parts before the high one, and so it appeared as something of an afterthought with regards to how it worked in with the other parts of the music. But I'm glad you noticed the seperation between them, I feel almost achieved that you think this is disassociative in a good way. I do wish I had made it a touch louder in places, but I think it serves its purpose well enough. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this, my thanks again.