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Reviews for "Atrophy 315"

Let's just say, I like strings.

This is absolutely beautiful my friend! For being your first song on this site, it's really really REALLY good. Like, most people's stuff bombshells at first, but this...this is cool. If you keep producing stuff that sounds like this - unique in every manner, nothing that can really be pinpointed to FL Studio or another generic music production software - you will come out on top. I especially like your attention to dynamic contrast; it's extremely artistic. Good job sir!

Animith responds:

Aha, knowing me it'll be my second song that'll bombshell ;)

But thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this, I hope I can manage to keep up the standard with the next one.
And yay that it doesn't sound like it come from FL Studio!
I'm glad you like the dynamics--MIDI Velocity is...interesting to work out when you've never used it before. xD Thanks very much again. ^^

Impressive for a first.

I am obsessed with strings, always have, always will be... Now, I took a bit of music theory back in high school and it's already been said, string players aren't big fans of constant whole/half notes; regardless, I really enjoyed this piece and you can't tell me you used FL for this?

I never really got into FL (because I couldn't ever figure it out) so I stuck with Reason and I'm slowly getting back into classical composition. How long have you been composing? In any case, I'll be listening to any of your future comps.

Take care and thank you.

Animith responds:

Good sir, I share your obsession.
Definite note for next time for me will be to make the parts sound more interesting for hypothetical players, don't worry ;)

And no, I didn't use FL. I tried, but like you, I couldn't really figure it out. That and the VSTs didn't want to work in FL, so I used Cubase AI4 instead.

Though if you want to be shocked at the amazingness that can be FL, MaestroRage said in another site forum that he uses Fruity Studio 8 as his sequencer, and the stuff he writes is brilliant.

I've kind of been on-and-off composing for a few months now; used some demo-version notation software, but the fact there was no save button got very tiresome, so I decided to work out how to use a MIDI key editor in a saveable CUbase for this one.

Thank YOU for sharing all your thoughts on this; I appreciate all the advice. Hope anything I do next meets your standards as well. (:


in fact, very nice, fits the title well, great use of minor sounding style to bring out a sad/nervous/on edge kind of sound with intermittent breaks. has a very intresting and unique sound, almost majestic, and is very powerful, i could see it in a movie scene. good job

Animith responds:

Thanks for the review! (:
I'm glad you liked it; being told it's got an interesting and unique sound is ALWAYS nice to hear, as you can probably imagine.
I appreciate you taking the time to write this, thanks again.

lovely and tear-jerking

This was...oh, God, I can't even begin to describe it. At the start, it has this wierd feel to it. I'm thinking The Godfather for some reason, mixed with Lord of the Rings, along with so many other amazing works. Honestly, what I just said doesn't even honor this...this...I can't even call it a masterpiece, it's so good. Sorry this review isn't as long or sophistocated as some of the other ones.

Animith responds:

Never be sorry about a 10/10 review, mate. xD
I'm really glad it made you feel something, I think that's what music's meant to do, after all.
And as for the comparisons...wouldn't say I'm anywhere near those masterpieces myself, but even to be compared is an amazing thing. Thank you so much for your review.

Interesting Title

The sudden change to a major chord at :57 I found to be rather clever. You don't see a lot of that in typical AP songs.

This is lush and Romantic in scope and structure, which is always a plus to me. The strings compliment each other very well, and the harmonies are well-crafted. This is quite a feat, as rarely do you hear something this good.

At 2:17 the sudden movement was great, resolving in yet another unexpected major chord. That is rather good, as it keeps the listener captivated, and it shows off the technical skill of the composition in capturing the audience's attention.

This is quite a good work; you should be proud.

Animith responds:

I kind of liked the way the major chord sounded the first time, so I did resolve to use it again at 2:20 or so. And as much as I like minor pieces, I'm not sure I have the ability yet to pull one off without foraying into at least some major parts. It's something of an odd habit on my part, but as long as it works, I'll live with it. xD
Really appreciate you taking the time to write this, honestly. And rest assured, the response this has gotten has done much to make me proud of it. Thanks a lot for your review. (: