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Reviews for "Atrophy 315"

Awe inspiring !

Very cinematic indeed. It has hints of mystery and tragedy, darkness and light, a very nice mix of sounds escalating and falling, like a tragic rollercoaster of emotions. The sound mixing is great, and I love how realistic the synths sound (wish I could make my synths sound so good), though I think the volume went unexpectedly high at times for some of the instruments, like the solo cello around 2:04 or the full string blast at 2:16. But these are minor complaints. It's an awesome orchestral track. Keep up the great work !

This is nice.

Very cinematic and if not that it could definitely be in a video game. I look forward to hearing more of your work.

Very ingenuitive. :)

I'm glad that you've discovered one of my works, so I could discover you. I think that you've made something that's truly unique in the musical world...
At the beginning, it feels almost like I'm spiraling downward into such a beautiful discordant melody, and discordant meaning in a good way....really contributes to the mood and overall mystery of the piece. And then when it starts to turn at 2 minutes into something really beautiful, it's like being lifted back up.
Also, I liked how the piece resolved. It almost sounds like something I'd hear perhaps in a mystery/horror type of film. But, anyway, really nice stuff you have here. Keep it up, and I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for more stuff by you. :) Cheers,

Sounds enigmatic...

This piece sounds enigmatic to me (in the good enigmatic way). Great effort and product!

Animith responds:

So you don't think it's enigmatic? :P
I'm kidding, of course. Glad you liked it, and thanks for the review!


while i'm not as much of a musical scholar as the reviewers below me, I do really like the song. I think the emotional aspect of the song is extremely apparent, and I feel like i move with the music. This seems like you took it straight out of a dramatic movie. like the ending of (i know it's cheesy) Batman. when you think about it, it really works. I can't really offer any criticism, because my ear isn't trained enough to pick out notes, and the different planes of strings, and all that scholar-y stuff. But this is an amazing piece nonetheless. favorited and downloaded, when i can.


Animith responds:

I'm always interested in your opinion, whether you're a scholar or not. :)
Was definitely trying to go for the more emotional side of things; hence the high vibrato on the viola and the messing with different chords.
Very glad you enjoyed listening to it, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on it.